Friday 7 September 2012

Benedict Cumberbatch: Sherlock obsession is ‘nuts’

Benedict Cumberbatch thinks the uproar over his on-screen ‘death’ in ‘Sherlock’ was ”nuts”.
The 36-year-old actor - who plays Sherlock Holmes in the hit BBC revamp of the classic detective novels - can’t believe the effect the second series’ cliffhanger had on the public, who are still theorising about how he faked his own death by jumping from a London rooftop.
Benedict told Shortlist magazine: ”The level of obsession with it was nuts. When I read that in the script I got the biggest kick of my life.
”I remember ringing Martin (Freeman) and going, ‘Oh my f**king god. Have you read this?”
But the star refused to give away any clues about the upcoming third series and how Sherlock was able to attend his own funeral, which the show’s creator Steven Moffat is keeping under wraps.
Benedict teased: ”Of course you’ll find out. But not now…”
The actor did reveal, however, that he loves doing his own stunts on set and thought filming the exciting series finale was ”f**king amazing”.
He enthused: ”I did that jump; I was on a wire and went off the edge of the building. I was jumping off about three metres into a bunch of cardboard boxes with only a railing separating me from the real drop.
”We did it about two or three times in the rain with people filming opposite, and it was f**king amazing. I’ve skydived three times and it was nearly as thrilling.”
‘Sherlock’ begins filming early next year.

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