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Still no release date but at least we know it's coming :)


Hot off the (iPad) presses. From Empire Magazine Sept 2013
source: londonphile, Empire Magazine September 2013

Sue Vertue & Steven Moffat Talk Working With Benedict Cumberbatch & Martin Freeman On Sherlock

  • "Sherlock" could go on for a long time!
  • Illusionist on set (Derren Brown)
    —> “Illusionist? What Illusionist?"—> “It’s all there, we haven’t cheated, it’s properly done."
  • Moriarty IS dead! ("You can’t fake that one.")
  • Irene back? ("They are not in an ongoing relationship.")
  • Amanda IS playing “Mary Morstan"
  • series 3 timeline: 2 years between “death" and Sherlock coming back (via Sue)

This is just one of the many reasons I adore Benedict:

Thank You Message from Benedict Cumberbatch

Benedict has very kindly taken the time to say thank you to all those who donated to the birthday fundraiser, sent him presents or birthday messages.
His message is below:
Dear Fans
Thank you from the bottom of my heart for donating to this most wonderful cause. I cannot express how deeply moved I am by your generosity and this most wonderful outcome of you being my fans. I couldn’t ask for a better present from better fans.
Although I did receive hundreds! And hundreds and hundreds!! Cards, paintings, foods, clothes, cups, fans, bags and hundreds and hundreds of amazing letters and messages of love and best wishes for a happy birthday. Your YouTube videos and twitter messages that got through to me were also incredibly touching. I’m soo grateful to all those people who gave me those presents and cards and those messages.
And it may be cheeky after such efforts and generosity… but could I make a request? Could you please put the time and energy, money and effort you put into those gifts, cards and messages to me into doing good for someone else? I am of course taking my inspiration from fans who donated to Myeloma UK. But it doesn’t have to be money, perhaps it’s just a bit of your time or a simple gesture of kindness… anyway if it makes me sound ungrateful for what you gave me please forgive my rudeness. I simply think if the number of people who threw love my way did so to people that need it far more than me, that would be a wonderful feeling for us all to have on my birthday.
I had such an amazing day and weekend to celebrate an extraordinary year and with great excitement about what the future holds. Many, many thanks to you wherever you are in the world. I hope you all have a great year too.
All my love

Friday 19 July 2013

Benedict Cumberbatch’s TV/movie release dates 2013/2014

Jerusalem (documentary) — September 2013
Hawking (documentary) — September 20, 2013 (UK) 

The Fifth Estate — October 18, 2013 (US), January 1, 2014 (UK) UPDATED
Twelve Years a Slave — October 18, 2013 (US), January 24, 2014 (UK) 
The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug — December 13, 2013 (US/UK)
August: Osage County — December 25, 2013 (US), January 17, 2014 (UK wide release) 
Poppy’s Fields (animated TV show) — February 4, 2014 (UK) 

The Hobbit: There and Back Again — December 17, 2014 (US), December 19, 2014 (UK)

source: estherlune

Benedict Cumberbatch in a Yukata - Gallery with more via @madaBenedict

source: londonphile

  • part 1 Sherlock SDCC NERD HQ panel
  • ....
  • q: impression of American reaction to Sherlock?
  • Mark: A bit subdued I think! It is amazing. already. it is incredible. we just did the big panel in there and the response from the little clip we showed is amazing. Very very pleasing.
  • Sue: It is quite nice - from filming . we are left alone a bit and all of a sudden when we see a whole lot of people it is nice when they see a clip.
  • Mark: We actually feel a bit guilty because we aren't finished. usually this is when we are all done
  • ...
  • q: did you decide to bring Andrew Scott back because of his performance or because you had more of a story to tell?
  • Moffat: HE IS DEAD! Shot himself in the brain stem. He is dead. Nothing can survive that! The human body can survive almost anything else but not the brain stem. He is dead. we brought him back in to be a dead body, because we needed a body. It was actually cheaper to get Andrew Scott instead of a mannequin.
  • Mark: In answer to your question.
  • ...
  • q: Where are some of the challenges of telling Sherlock in modern day?
  • Moffat: Challenges are trying to find an equivalent. Some things fell into place very easily. He was not going to smoke a pipe he is only 33 years old. He would look like an idiot! So we thought of the nicotine patches. Nobody ever asks us about it now. That was the big issue at the beginning.
  • Moffat: nobody has mentioned the updates in ages. It is now just Sherlock Holmes. Nobody mentions that with Bond. bond is from the 50. it has become a background issue now.
  • ...
  • q: In the pilot, Sherlock, in my opinion, smiled a little bit more and was more personable and wore jeans and was a bit more casual. When we got to SiP - he was wearing suits a bit more distant, a bit more not caring. Was that a conscious decision that you moved into that direction or was it just happenstance that it was different?
  • Mark: I can't remember. ... I hated his jeans.
  • Sue: They crinkled, didn't they?
  • Mark: I just thought we should make him wear suits more.
  • Moffat: He was smiling a bit more because he was new in the role! So SiP was third in filming and BC was so much more into the part then! I think he got more confident. There is an natural thing of the actor wanting to charm the audience. Once BC discovered his charm was in being rather mean, he went for that.
  • ...
  • q: Got question.
  • Mark: I don't know what I got myself into.
  • q: can you reveal anything?
  • Mark: no! I am going to be in it.
  • ...
  • Zach: please stand!
  • Sue: just so we can see everyone's t-shirt.
  • ...
  • q: in the original stories SH travelled a lot.
  • Mark: going to New Zealand?
  • q: any travelling on Sherlock/DW soon?
  • Moffat: Everyone is worried about Sherlock moving away from London. It is such a London show .. shot in Cardiff, that we worry abt him moving away. So maybe, if there was a good plot and a strong reason for it and you make it funny and interesting that you deposit SH in a place that is not his natural habitat. As for DW: he travels in place and time! He has been in America, In Venice, in Croatia! going into another country shouldn't be a big deal.
  • Mark: We often think about travelling though. Especially in winter. Going some place nice. Russia! the only place that is colder than Cardiff.
  • ...
  • q: most fun you ever had on set?
  • Moffat: when Benedict fell over. possibly one day available as a DVD extra or just of you come around my house. Benedict in the sheet. he just fell over. His arm trapped and he fell like a tree. And everybody responded to our leading man falling onto his nose ... by falling around laughing at him! He could not moved! Was trapped by the sheet. Like. A. Tree.
  • ...
  • q: writing process?
  • Moffat: What does it say on your t-shirt?
  • q: MOFFAT!!!
  • Moffat: I am being hailed by breasts. I wanted to check if it was really happening.
  • - writing process -
  • Moffat: yes, sorry I was distracted. I get up in the morning and can't think of anything else but writing. Mark has a quote by Brian Clemens about that.
  • Mark: arse to seat, pen to paper ... I forgot! just sitting down and going at it till you stop.
  • Sue: the process between the two of you is quote specific how you plan the next series.
  • Moffat: we just meet up and chat. geeking out. that doesn't feel like writing. once or twice we sat in a room and wrote something together. Mostly passing notes.
  • Mark: stories we might do, etc comes from conversation: wouldn't it be great if, etc. this year is different - because Sherlock is coming back and we had to work from there.
  • ...
  • q: As a sherlock-ed mother - I have to make this costume for Halloween - why is the red thing on his coat?
  • Mark: I can tell you this Ray Holman who was the 1st costume designer on the pilot bought it from Belstaff and he wanted to put this signature thing in. And we like it because it reminds us of "The Scarlet thread of murder" which is a great Victorian thing.
  • Sue: Benedict said the other day it was his ...
  • Mark: oh did he? Benedict's long campaign to acclaim .... for everything. Dame Benedict!
    • part 2 Sherlock SDCC NERD HQ panel
    • ...
    • q: question I ask at all panels: do you read the fanfiction for your own shows?
    • Mark: I can't hear you.
    • Moffat: we write the fanfiction
    • Mark: he means the series
    • Moffat: ... AND the porn!
    • ...
    • q: given that Martin and BC's schedules are becoming more busy since they are becoming multiple pop culture icons. How do you see it influencing any further series?
    • Mark: it is (british accent) schedule!
    • Sue: for three shows we need about 4 months. whether we cut it up or not. the thing is: they need to want to do it. we have to find the blocks.
    • Mark: the brilliant thing is as we do 3 every 18 months it is good time for people.. well martin and benedict to go off and do films. it is a good format, really.
    • ...
    • q: technology included in Sherlock. Any more science fiction like technology in the next series?
    • Moffat: In the original stories he is at the cutting edge of technology. My god he has got a microscope in his own flat. You want to limit the technology. You don't want anyone to say: Sherlock Holmes is solving it because he has better technology. He hasn't. He has descent technology and a scuzzy flat and can still solve cases better than you. So you don't want to take it too far into that area I think. Unless it looks really cool and we change our mind.
    • ...
    • q: I feel really bad, I don't have a shirt.
    • Moffat: MY GOD!
    • q: before the show it seems like there was always the perception that Watson was taller than Sherlock. Was that an issue in casting?
    • Moffat: there has never been ... well ... until Nigel Bruce ... but they tried to conceal the fact. generally speaking Holmes is the tall one and Watson the little one. Which is what we got. I mean I wouldn't go as far as The Hobbit.
    • ...
    • q: any reason why you chose to do the series as a mini series rather than DW length?
    • Mark: we were going to do 6 hour long episodes. Largely bc of the success of Wallender...
    • Sue: yes I just called them up and asked if they would mind doing three 90s - do you think you can do that?
    • Moffat: We were actually at Matt Smith's first DW reading and you messaged us and said the BBC will green-light it if we do 90 min. And ... why were you even asking us? Just yes. We'll figure out a way to do it. Such are the ways of art.
    • ...
    • q: if you stop writing and producing, no Mycroft- play anyone in Sherlock Holmes- who would you play?
    • Moffat: Sherlock Holmes. I wouldn't be very good at it. And I am little and fat. So people would be a little bit upset, But I would be very happy they would have to find a real midget Hobbit.
    • Sue: Mrs. Husdon.
    • Moffat: no you wouldn't
    • Sue: molly?
    • Moffat: Irene Adler?
    • Mark: Baron Gruner in the Illustrious Client. Just commissioned it.
    • ...
    • q: will we see him mourn? Will we see part of Mycroft mourning?
    • Mark: There is a scene we shot where I go to the grave and laugh hysterically. That's my favourite scene.
    • ...
    • q: what inspired the Sherlock blog?
    • Moffat: It was your idea.
    • Mark: trying to find equivalence. we were having lunch at the Criterion and we were talking about how we would translate certain things. So Doctor Watson writes fro Strand Magazine So I though he should have a blog. There is always a modern version. back telegrams, now text messages. It was the modern version of Doctor Watson writing up the stories.
    • Sue: We have a writer, poor thing. in their script they put stuff like: the geek interpreter or the aluminum crutch and then poor Joe has to make the story, fit it around the titles.
    • Mark: and then we can't do it because it's been in the blog.
    • part 2
    • part 3 Sherlock SDCC NERD HQ panel
    • ...
    • q: Sherlock's family life. Will we see his mother? Maybe delve into his early life?
    • Moffat: Hmmmmm.
    • Mark: We are not telling you. You will have to wait and see.
    • ...
    • q: Mycroft smarter than Sherlock. Will Sherlock acknowledge that?
    • Mark: There hasn't been much of an opportunity. Lilo vs. Sofa. A few little hints.
    • Sue: I am not sure that Benedict likes that.
    • Mark: He just can't be bothered.
    • ...
    • q: Japanese Manga - any plans to adapt it into other media?
    • Sue: couple of people asking. We are looking at it.
    • ...
    • q: hat.
    • Moffat: We like that he hates the hat. Joke ripped off from Billy Wilder. "The Private Life of Sherlock Holmes".
    • Mark: If Sherlock were to become famous in the tabloid society they would always use the same bloody picture. He becomes Hatman. By the time he is 50 he will be smoking a pipe and be in black and white.
    • ...
    • q: 3 ppl who were supposed to take out Lestrade, Mrs. Hudson and John - Is that Moran. Is that what you are going for?
    • Mark: Wait and see.
    • ...
    • q: Commentary SiB - Moriarty and brother share same Christian name - so will we see more?
    • Mark: SACD continuity errors. We are being mischevious by saying it means something but ... Andrew IS Moriarty and HE IS DEAD, I'm afraid.
    • ...
    • q: what project would you work on if you had a blank cheque?
    • Mark: I would pay those people to shut the fuck up (talking abt the loud music ppl int he background)
    • ...
    • q: of all the eps - which one were you most excited to film?
    • Mark: SiB - is our best one. It is beautiful. it is the one that really feels like a film. All the beats. Very satisfying, very moving it's great.
    • Moffat: When we first started on the series itself. When we started to see what can be done with the camera! When we saw that text on the screen and I didn't think he could do it. And I walked past the cutting room and loved it. We didn't think it could be a major hit but maybe 3 million viewers and an award from Poland.
    • Sue: least favourite location: the hallow from Hounds and the Morgue.
    • Mark: yes, which is not in this series. Molly becomes a travel agent. There is a Morgue in a place in Wales. A really nice morgue. Well, morgues are not very nice. We got into a snow storm and got help from the DW crew and we started again the next day And Martin .. slipped on ice...
    • Sue: No he slipped on his porridge.
    • Mark: right and then someone got stomach flu .. we were going back and forth!
    • ...
    • q: pressure of success? stress?
    • Moffat: it is actually really nice. that experience of it being a hit is joyous. Nick Hurran was looking at the old shows and he saw BC with his coat walking across Trafalgar and he asked why not now. It is not possible back then they wuld point and laugh about his name. We cannot do this anymore today. When now looking at Martin and BC in character you are looking at icons. International movie stars .. damn! A lovely, joyous experience.
    • ...
    • host: one more question. maybe two.
    • ...
    • q: zeitgeist of Sherlock- good challenge to see others writing Sherlock as well?
    • Mark: there is always two! we heard they were doing the RDJ Sherlock when we started the pilot. We live in a world where everything is constantly repeated. All you can hope it being true to your own version. And I hope people can recognize that we love Sherlock Holmes. We didn't think we could get an easy commission. We truly love it.
    • Sue: And you have to stick to yourself. Ignore the others. We didn't know what it was going to be about.
    • Moffat: you cannot go a week without Sherlock Holmes on television! You have to take your own approach at it.
    • Mark: "Holmes of the movies" book - some I have never heard of! Tv movie wil William Shatner! It is the weirdest thing! Baker Street looks like and Italian railway station! Shatner in his prime! I recommend it.
    • ...
    • q: how long does it take you to actually write an episode and is aclohol involved?
    • Moffat: from the day I start to slightly after the beginning of the day of pre-production.
    • Sue: it is NOT slightly.
    • Moffat: I wrote Scandal in 3 weeks. Alcohol is not involved in writing it cannot be. That's why drinking is soooo good. I just get more wound up and stressed and miserable and the moment I have had a drink everything I have ever thought of is brilliant [...] and I am so much prettier.
    • ...
    • host: you know how busy they are! you have given us an hour of your time! collectively we raised $5,000. Thank you very much!
    Huge thank you to dudeufuglytumblr for typing all this awesome info out for everyone!!!!
    Happy Birthday Benedict Cumberbatch, you wonderful, adorkable, ridiculously talented man!!

    Benedict Cumberbatch: Here's how Sherlock survived his fall -- EXCLUSIVE

    They couldn’t be on stage in person. But they made a hilarious video. Heavily in-demand Sherlock stars Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman taped a greeting to fans attending the show’s first-ever San Diego Comic-Con panel, where the producers dished about the upcoming third season.
    In the video below, Martin has a brief bit from The Hobbit set. While Cumberbatch says he’s tired of keeping secrets for all his big screen roles like Khan in Star Trek: Into Darkness and Smaug in The Hobbit and decides to solve the cliffhanger that has everybody guessing — how Sherlock Holmes survived his rooftop plummet at the end of season 2. Stuffed animals and a helicopters are involved.
    “It’s been so much fun, the scripts are just a delight,” Cumberbatch says of Sherlock‘s upcoming season. “F–k it, I’m going to tell you how Sherlock survived … I know you guys like your spoilers and I feel so much better telling you. Freedom!”
    Check out the video, exclusively on, and come back to Inside TV for Darren Franich’s coverage of the show’s Comic-Con panel later today.

    Benedict Cumberbatch arriving in Ibiza

    source: londonphile

    Sherlock: Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss open up about "human" series three

    Stephen Kelly
    At yesterday’s San Diego Comic Con Q&A, Steven Moffat opened up about Sherlock’s upcoming third series, citing things would be “Slightly more human, and slightly more real.”
    Still reeling from series two’s quite literally groundbreaking cliffhanger, the audience plied the panel with questions in regards to where series three would pick up. As ever, Moffat was characteristically tight-lipped, but did say the mystery of Sherlock’s death pales in comparison to the impact of his confidant Watson’s reaction in episode one The Empty Hearse. Co-writer Mark Gatiss backed up the admission, citing that in the Arthur Conan Doyle stories, John forgives Sherlock very quickly. That's not going to happen in the show, apparently.
    "We wanted to explore how it really affected all of his friends and family,” he said, before confirming that the mystery of Sherlock's death is easily solvable from clues provided so far. “There’s only so many ways you can fall off a roof and survive. It’s not black magic.”
    “It's a rational explanation, we knew how it was going happen,” Moffat added. “When you see the answer you'll see yes, we knew in advance and it had to be plotted out. Sherlock and John reuniting is the show-stopper of the episode.” Moffat then went on to call their reunion an "electrifying" and "lengthy sequence" that might be his favourite ever Sherlock moment.

    In reference to the Rat, Wedding, Bow episodes themselves, Mark Gatiss revealed that The Empty Hearse is only partly based on Conan Doyle's The Empty House, while the 'wedding' episode The Sign Of Three is based on...[potential spoiler follows for those now aware of the source material] the wedding of Watson. In an exclusive scene from the episode, Watson is shown asking Sherlock to be his best man. The as of yet untitled third episode is set to begin filming in September.
    The news was also confirmed that Andrew Scott would be returning, but that Moriarity, whom he played, was definitely dead. Mofatt further explained the complexities behind the character’s demise.

    “He shoots himself in the brains. You don’t come back from that.”
    As suggested by Martin Freeman in his introductory video-message, the fans were belligerent in finding out from Moffat and co. as many Sherlock details as possible from the San Diego Comic Con Q&A. So after revelations on new commissions and the series two ending were teased out, talk turned to romance, as co-creators Steven Moffat, Mark Gatiss and producer Sue Vertue discussed Sherlock’s much speculated love life.
    “A girlfriend?” Moffat laughed, upon questioning. “He’d poison a girlfriend just to see if it worked.” However, all may not be hopeless for the lone-detective as the panel were asked about his assistant Molly’s role in series 3.

    “Molly was not meant to be a big part, initially,” they admitted, before Gatiss went on to elaborate that the pair's relationship had become “touching” and Molly was one of the only people Sherlock trusted.

    Vertue was more upfront about the pair's future. “Molly and Sherlock are not going to happen the way Tumblr thinks it will happen,” she announced, bluntly, in reference to the site's penchant for unique fan fiction and art.

    “Wait ‘til you see what she does this season,” Moffat added cryptically. 


    LA Times - Emmys 2013: Benedict Cumberbatch on ‘Parade’s End,’ ‘Sherlock’ return

    Benedict Cumberbatch got an early birthday surprise Thursday morning. Following some time in New Zealand working on the next “Hobbit” film, the British actor, who turns 37 Friday, was on his way from a “Star Trek: Into Darkness” promotional tour in Japan to a friend’s wedding in Ibiza – you know how it is — when during a brief layover he discovered his phone had been flooded with messages.
    Worried something terrible might have happened, Cumberbatch was delighted to learn he had instead had received an Emmy nomination for his performance in “Parade’s End,” the HBO/BBC miniseries adaptation of Ford Madox Ford’s series of famously dense modernist novels.
    “I couldn’t believe it. I thought I was hearing things,” said the actor, whose slew of upcoming projects include the highly anticipated third season of “Sherlock,” the Wikileaks movie “The Fifth Estate” and another biopic, “The Imitation Game,” about code-breaking mathematician Alan Turing.
    It’s the second Emmy nomination in as many years for Cumberbatch, who is up against Al Pacino (“Phil Spector”), Toby Jones (“The Girl”), Michael Douglas and Matt Damon (both for “Behind the Candelabra”). “To be in that category, with a list of my acting heroes, is just remarkable. I’m over the moon about it,” he said. Though given his track record of late, they’re probably just as delighted to be in his company.
    We talked to the actor about “Parade’s End,” the long-awaited return of “Sherlock” and his air-travel strategies.
    How are you feeling?
    I’m very, very good. Kind of in a state of shock.
    It’s a really heavy-hitter category this year, isn’t it?
    It’s proof, as if it were needed, there is a massive influx of heavyweight talent in television. We’ve been having this conversation for the last decade, pretty much — aptly, sadly to honor Mr. Gandolfini. But since that first series announced the depth and range that television can reach, you’ve got great names that are coming to television.
    I think you’re the only one in your category playing a fictional character.
    I hadn’t made that distinction until you said it; I don’t know if that increases or decreases changes. I just hope I can get there because I will be in the thick of filming a real character, a most extraordinary overlooked hero of British history, Mr. Alan Turing [in the upcoming “The Imitation Game”].
    You’re doing that now?
    I’m about to start shooting the third episode of the third season of “Sherlock,” and after that wraps I go into prep for “The Imitation Game.” And I start shooting in September.
    So I take it you’ve resolved how Sherlock will come back from the dead after his fall at the end of Season 2?
    Maybe … maybe not. Maybe I’m just a haunting in Watson’s mind.
    When will we get to see it?
    Hopefully, by the end of the year. I’m really pushing for PBS and “Masterpiece" to broadcast it simultaneously, or at least offer some kind of streaming to people who want to watch while we broadcast it here. It seem churlish, really, to deny savvy “Sherlock” fans, who know how to break code and watch it illegally, to stop us from having an audience in America. There’s a very hungry audience of all ages. Why they should be denied the pleasure because of some odd disjuncture, I don’t know. I’m being very forceful about that and mentioning it in all the interviews. We’re aiming for the end of December or early January, but we haven’t had a date confirmed.
    And you just did Julian Assange.
    The trailer just came out yesterday. I’m really excited. So yeah, it’s been a hell of a year.

    Wednesday 17 July 2013

    I don't know why, but I did a thing...

Benedict Cumberbatch in the trailer for The Fifth Estate. [x]
    sources: the fifth estate & estherlune

    ..'Star Trek Into Darkness' Blu-ray Bonus: Brawl by the Bay

    This man is just too adorkable for his own good!

    How on earth does he go from this:

    To this:

    Not quite Daft Punk no, but looks like Benedict is trying to Get Lucky.


So much love :P (Thanks @yassammez)

Not quite Daft Punk no, but looks like Benedict is trying to Get Lucky.
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    Benedict Cumberbatch - the greetings from the stage 2013.7.16 .
    source: andrewjustin

    THE FIFTH ESTATE Official Trailer .
    source: The Fifth Estate

    BC Top Gear
    source: ViddyNet1.0

    Here's a smiley-Batch to brighten your day!


    BC in Japan

    Benedict Cumberbatch arriving at Narita International airport, Chiba, Japan - 15 Jul 2013

    source: bizarre-sugar Behind the scenes with Benedict Cumberbatch,AAAAAFwqu7c~,j110uIP_ymqjuUjFSG1qWRhNVQm1MXol&bclid=2498598892001&bctid=2545519121001

    BC in Tokyo

    source: belik:

    BC Tokyo reception .
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    BC in Tokyo .
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    Benedict Cumberbatch Top Gear



kill me now

He’s one big ball of Sherlock fluff right now.
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    Quirke (DVD)

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    Colin Morgan after The Tempest