Friday 27 July 2012

London Olympics 2012 - Ceremony Coverage with Benedict Cumberbatch - July 27, 2012
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Benedict Cumberbatch - BAFTA's Kid Vote This or That Challenge
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I would have been scrambling to bid too!!


Book cover for the BBC tie-in edition of Parade’s End


high res. Book cover for the BBC tie-in edition of Parade’s End. [x]
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Article on Parade's End & casting Benedict Cumberbatch

Parade’s End: ‘Who is this Benedict Cumberbatch?’

Benedict Cumberbatch is the star name in Sir Tom Stoppard’s new BBC adaptation, Parade’s End, but HBO bosses had to be cajoled into casting him.

Sir Tom Stoppard is returning to the BBC after more than 30 years with a lavish adaptation of Parade’s End, the quartet of novels by Ford Madox Ford.
Beginning in the years before the First World War, it stars Benedict Cumberbatch as Christopher Tietjens, a cuckolded husband, and Rebecca Hall as his adulterous wife Sylvia.
Adelaide Clemens, an Australian actress, plays Valentine, a spirited suffragette who falls in love with Cumberbatch’s buttoned-up civil servant.
The five-part costume drama is a BBC/HBO co-production to be shown on both sides of the Atlantic, and is believed to be the most expensive production ever broadcast on BBC Two with a budget of around £12 million part-funded by the US network.
Benedict Cumberbatch, star of Sherlock, is now an international name with forthcoming roles in Hollywood blockbusters The Hobbit and the newStar Trek film.
However, Parade’s End director Susanna White had to convince HBO bosses to cast him when he was a relative unknown.
She said: “Christopher was probably the hardest character to cast because he’s such a buttoned-up Englishman who doesn’t show his emotions, and yet you have to fall in love with him and want to follow his journey over five hours.
“There was really only a tiny amount of people we felt could play him. Benedict seemed so right for the part but he was less well-known when we started out.
“There was a famous breakfast at The Ivy when HBO said, ‘Who is this Benedict Cumberbatch?’ And we said, ‘Trust us, he’s a truly great actor and by the time Parade’s End has come out everyone will have heard of him’.
“And of course, now everyone in America has heard of him.”
Ford’s books were published between 1924 and 1928 but fell out of fashion and the author is often overlooked in lists of the 20th century’s great British novelists.
Success for the five-part television adaptation is likely to fuel a renewed interest in the author’s work.
Sir Tom last wrote for the BBC in 1979, when he worked on the Playhouse series, and admitted that he was unfamiliar with much modern television.
“I watch it sporadically. I can’t say there’s anything where I arrange to be at home at the same hour on the same day every week,” he said.
“I don’t watch as much television as probably the average viewer and I’m a bit out-of-date about television. I write talkies - I wrote Parade’s End in the same spirit as I write stage plays.”
Sir Tom began work on the project in 2008 and it has taken four years to reach the screen. It is due for broadcast in the UK later this summer.
The Edwardian setting and First World War drama have been explored recently in Downton Abbey and the BBC’s adaptation of Sebastian Faulk’s Birdsong.
Asked why the period held such fascination for viewers, Sir Tom said: “It was the last period of social history among the top half of the English class system. In the case of 1914, there is a sense of an important page being turned, never to be turned back again.”
Ford’s books were experimental in style and Sir Tom admitted that he had invented a number of scenes in order to keep the narrative flowing.
“I started reading it and pretty damn quickly I really wanted the job,” he said. “It’s a tremendously unputdownable book but you have to come to its aid when you’re adapting it into a television play.
“The structure of the book is not linear, nor does it fall into five equal parts. There’s a lot of interesting stuff going on without it necessarily having a dramatic momentum. So there are a lot of things I got from source books and we were using stuff which wasn’t in the novel at all.”

Thursday 26 July 2012

Benedict in New Orleans

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promo pic for Parade's End


Hi res via Cumberbatchweb. Marvelous!
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I adore Louise Brealey!




Awwww… hail to Queen Louise! <3
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Ok, I probably shouldn't post this due to Riechenbach feels, but I just had to.


This article cracks me up! It also makes me very proud to be a fan of a certain Benedict Cumberbatch, not that I wasn't already!

We already know that Benedict Cumberbatch is a dangerous sex monster who will say ANYTHING to permanently destroy women’s reproductive organs, but now it turns out that he is also a total Birthday Beast who has unwittingly dedicated his life towards the eradication of our precious teenage cancer stockpiles. Seriously with this guy already! From ONTD:
The unofficial fansite, CumberbatchWeb started a donation drive for the Teenage Cancer Trust in honor of Benedict’s birthday. Originally hoping to raise 250 pounds, fans rallied together and surpassed it by thousands!
The website’s tumblr has posted this message: “In case you missed it on twitter Benedict has kindly sent a thank you message via his friend for the fundraising.
Benedict said: “The amount of effort, love, joy and celebration as well as money raised! I’m speechless. Pls pass on my love and gratitude. Thank you!! Bx”
So, in honor of his 36th birthday, his fans, completely on their own steam, raised more than £7,000 ($11,000) for a totally legitimate and useful charity? EESH! Is ANYONE safe around this guy? What is it with this guy?! Will this guy ever quit it?! Good grief. “Derrr, I’m Benedict Cumberbatch and I have a good head on my shoulders and a fair amount of humility and my priorities seem to be in the right place and it’s a pleasure to watch me succeed because I seem to have the talent to merit my success and the projects I choose are categorically interesting and it just so happens that my fans are the type of people who instead of desperately searching for photos of me buying a caramel macchiato and drawing cumstains on my Seven For All Mankind jeans, they’d rather pool their resources and help other people in need. Derrrrrr!” The worst.

Wednesday 25 July 2012

Benedict Cumberbatch Dark Knight Rises premiere

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Parade's End

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Original British Drama - BBC Two featuring tiny snippets of Parade's End
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Thank you Mr. Cumberbatch for almost making me snarf coffee all over my computer!!

"I’ll be watching quite a few things. The sort of short distance track events are always exciting and I’d quite like to watch the horse competitions, because I learnt how to ride for the film War Horse and now I’m a little bit obsessed with all things horsey. Oh and crazy stuff like pole vaulting."
— Benedict Cumberbatch in the new Radio Times Olympic suppliment (page 30,) talking about the events he’s most interested in watching

Colin Morgan SDCC

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Colin Morgan on the set of Merlin

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Comic Con News: Colin Morgan discusses Merlin and Season 5
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Colin Morgan on the set of Merlin

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Colin Morgan SDCC


This is probably one of my favorite pictures I took at SDCC— also one of the only ones I took of Colin that didn’t end up slightly blurry so I felt the need to share it with all you Merlin fans on tumblr!
But please don’t steal my photo— if you steal and don’t credit you’ll make me sad!
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Colin Morgan and Katie McGrath at SDCC 2012
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Colin Morgan SDCC


Colin Morgan at San Diego Comic Con!
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Monday 23 July 2012

In light of recent tragic events, I completely understand the sentiment but disagree with anything even tongue in cheek violent. Although Benedict very much deserves to win & I truly hope he does!

I just might burn something down if “Sherlock” actor Benedict Cumberbatch doesn’t walk away from L.A.’s Nokia Theatre with a gold statuette in his hand Sept. 23.

Chicago Sun-Times journalist Lori Rackl about Benedict Cumberbatch’s Emmy nomination (X)
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Thursday 19 July 2012

Remember this article? Case closed :)

EMMYS: Benedict Cumberbatch On ‘Sherlock’

By THE DEADLINE TEAM | Saturday June 23, 2012 @ 8:47pm PDT

Why Sherlock’s Benedict Cumberbatch has yet to be nominated for an Emmy is a question that might befuddle even his super-sleuth alter-ego. But, rather than solve the mystery, this year it might instead be resolved. Not only is the actor’s name — memorable as it is — on the verge of becoming a household one, thanks to his appearances in two of last year’s Oscar contenders, War Horse and Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy, but he’s also collared a plum role (rumored to be Captain Kirk’s nemesis Khan) in the highly anticipated Star Trek sequel. On top of all that, his work in his PBS hit’s second season was — almost unimaginably — better than his work in the first. Is the case of the elusive Emmy nod about to be closed?

Radiotimes article on Benedict Cumberbatch's birthday


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Benedict even made it into the Montreal Gazette :)

The Cumberbirthday: British actor Benedict Cumberbatch has two good reasons to celebrate

British actor Benedict Cumberbatch plays a modern-day Sherlock Holmes in the very popular BBC/PBS television series, Sherlock. (Both photos by Gareth Cattermole/Getty Images)
Posted by:
Liz Ferguson
  • Happy Birthday to Benedict Cumberbatch. He has at least two reasons to be happy, and probably lots more than that.
On the altruistic side of things, a story in Britain’s  Radio Times says that fans of Benedict Cumberbatch, who turns 36 today, have raised 7,000 British pounds ($11,087.15  Canadian, $11,009.75 U.S.) in his name for the Teenage Cancer Trust, a charity that helps teenagers who have cancer.
On the showbiz side, Sherlock, the BBC’s (very) mini-series (it only shoots three episodes at a time) has been nominated for 13 (!!!) categories in television’s Emmy Awards. Sherlock is shown on PBS in the U.S.
The Radio Times (once again) says that: “Along with a nomination in the Outstanding Miniseries or Movie category, Sherlock is also recognized for its costuming, writing, directing, casting, cinematography, editing, music, sound mixing, sound editing, art direction and cinematography.”
Check out the Radio Times article, Cumberbatch fans, it has photographs of the actor in his  Sherlock garb, alongside his co-star Martin Freeman (Dr. Watson.)
I will have more Cumberbatch news in the near future,  but other gazette tasks are calling me now.
Benedict Cumberbatch, Birthday, Emmy Awards, Sherlock, Television, BBC, PBS

It's about bloody time Sherlock started getting the appreciation it deserves!!!

Sherlock gains thirteen Primetime Emmy Award Nominations!
Sherlock has just received thirteen nominations for the 2012 Primetime Emmy Awards. The nominations were revealed in North Hollywood by Kerry Washington and Jimmy Kimmel.

Congratulations To Benedict Cumberbatch on his Emmy nom! Not a bad birthday, thousands raised for charity & an Emmy nom! Let's hope things just keep getting better for him, he's worked hard & deserves every bit of it!!!

2012 Emmy nominations Outstanding Lead Actor In A Miniseries Or A Movie 2012:

Benedict Cumberbatch thanks fans for Birthday video & Charity Donations! I love that he acknowledges his fans :)

He said, via his Twitter friend,
“The amount of effort, love, joy and celebration as well as money raised! I’m speechless. Pls pass on my love and gratitude. Thank you!! Bx”
He thinks it’s “amazing….stupefyingly wonderful” and sends love and gratitude and “thanks, thanks, thanks!!!”. There’s personal stuff mixed in that I can’t share, but he’s very touched and grateful.
& My favourite part about his messages;
“I woke very early to a message from B, sent late and I suspect after a few drinkies :)”

Benedict Cumberbatch attends European premiere of ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ at Odeon Leicester Square on July 18, 2012 in London


add new 1 HQ pic - Benedict Cumberbatch attends European premiere of ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ at Odeon Leicester Square on July 18, 2012 in London  @
♫ ♬♥♥♥♥ Happy Brithday, Benny~♥♥♥♥ ♫ ♬
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I hope Benedict Cumberbatch gets word of this somehow!

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Benedict Cumberbatch: European premiere of ‘The Dark Knight Rises’

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This is awesome, Cumberbatch fans rock!!!

Benedict Cumberbatch's birthday raises thousands for charity

Fans have celebrated the Sherlock star turning 36 by donating to Teenage Cancer Trust

Benedict Cumberbatch's birthday raises thousands for charity

Written By
Ellie Walker-Arnott
Benedict Cumberbatch turns 36 today (as if you didn't know) and in honour of the landmark(ish) occasion, Cumberbatchweb, an unofficial fansite for the Sherlock star, has raised over £7,000 for the Teenage Cancer Trust.
Set up six weeks ago in the hope of raising just £250, the page on charity website JustGiving asked fans "Instead of spending money on a birthday card or a gift for Benedict why not donate instead (leaving your birthday messages for Benedict in the comments) and do something wonderful in his name?"
Cumberfans from all around the globe donated money in Cumberbatch's name, with the total raised entirely exceeding expectations. So far over £7,300 has been pledged, with the amount still rising.
The Teenage Cancer Trust is the only UK charity dedicated to helping young people who are diagnosed with cancer.
To donate, visit Cumberbatchweb's JustGiving page. Happy birthday Benedict!

Happy 36th Birthday to the brilliant, adorkable, extraordinarily talented, wonderful, inspiring, lovely Benedict Cumberbatch!!!