Thursday 25 October 2012

Facts about Sherlock Holmes we didn’t know before (CASEBOOK SPOILERS)

  • Sherlock’s birthday is January 6th, 1981.
  • Sherlock arranged John’s ties according to their dominant colour.
  • Sherlock told John that John texting the murderer in A Study in Pink, “shows how much I like you, I wouldn’t have let just anyone do it”.
  • Sherlock keeps dog hair alphabetically in the bathroom.
  • Sebastian used to beg Sherlock for help with coursework at uni. Sherlock states, judging by his e-mail asking Sherlock for help at the bank, that he “clearly hasn’t changed”.
  • Sherlock drew glasses and a moustache on DI Dimmock (Who Sherlock fondly calls DI Dim)
  • Sherlock always criticises John’s way of grammar and once threatened to change the locks on 221B if John ever used that many quotations marks in one sentence ever again.
  • Sherlock liked John’s date with Sarah very much; he said “Best. Date. Ever.” As for the dark tramway, Sherlock stated “Second. Best. Date. Ever.”
  • Sherlock used to fling his dinner at Mycroft when he was little.
  • Sherlock panicked when John called him “evil”. I quote: “Oh God! You don’t really think I’m evil, do you? I just find it hard to access my emotions. With your help, I could change!”
  • The reason why the boys are always out of milk is because Sherlock uses it to grow bacteria.
  • Sherlock’s skull friend is named “Billy”.
  • After John told us about the night at the swimming pool, Sherlock stated “You’ve just described one of the best nights of your life and you know it.” On which John responded, “Yes.
  • Sherlock loves to read women’s magazines. “All of life can be found in the personal columns of women’s magazines.
  • Sherlock once set John’s drawers on fire.
  • Sherlock hates the country. “It was too green. And there were cows. Loose.
  • John has a tumblr blog dedicated to him: Watson’s Wenches.
  • Instead of going for a mind palace, John has considered developing a Memory Bungalow.
  • John ends the book with these words:

    “By the time I returned to the hospital, he was on the roof. Sherlock standing on the edge. He called me. Tried to convince me that he was a fake. That everything they said about him was true. I wouldn’t believe it. I still won’t. He was being forced to say it. Had to say it.

    Then he jumped.

    I owe him so much. I needed him. I still do.

    But he’s gone.

    He told me once that I shouldn’t make people into heroes. He said that heroes didn’t exist and even if they did, he wouldn’t be one of them.

    Which goes to show. He wasn’t always right about everything.” 
  • source: cumberbuddy

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