Friday 25 May 2012

Cute article on Benedict Cumberbatch's "new" sex appeal in Now Magazine

Now Says

Sally Eyden, Editor

Sally Eyden, Editor

Naked pictures that prove Benedict Cumberbatch is a sex god!

Finally! The topless pictures of Sherlock star Benedict Cumberbatch that prove I've been right to fancy him all along!
Benedict Cumberbatch looking HOT on the Cumberbeach
Maybe it's the cheekbones so sharp they should come with a health warning; or perhaps it's those sea-green eyes that could make any cold-blooded murderess confess on the spot?
Or could it be the fact that Benedict Cumberbatch, the slightly lanky, curly-haired star of Sherlock Holmes is just plain H-O-T?

For far too long I've been a lone voice of Benedictappreciation in the Now office. Not for me the sculpted biceps of Becksor the ripped torso of Ryan Gosling.

Call me weird (and, believe me, it happens. A lot...) but I'd rather curl up in bed with a Benedict than a Brad. Seriously.

Sure, Harry Styleshas the floppy hair, but can he tell you what you had for breakfast just by looking at you? Nope, thought not.

But, this week everything changed. Oh yes. My Now colleagues, given to barely concealed-sniggers at the mere mention of The Batch, suddenly stopped laughing...And started leering instead. So what brought about this incredible 180?

Well, ladies, feast your eyes on this whole lotta brain AND brawn! Toned calves, bulging arms and where the heck did those abs come from?
 I'd imagined between takes of Sherlock, Benedict was busying himself with the Times crossword. Clearly, he was bench-pressing Watson instead.

If I'm being honest, I believed that beneath Sherlock's deerstalker hat and sweeping coat hid the puny, pasty body of the kid who was always the last one to be picked in PE. But I'd made my peace with that.

I was interested in his razor-sharp mind and those eyes that could undo an alibi (and my dress!) in seconds.
So, with the revelation that this thinking woman's crumpet can not only wow you with his mind, but his body too - could Benedict Cumberbatchbe the perfect man? You betcha!

There is, however, one problem. After giving Benedict's body A LOT of thought, my initial joy at the topless pictures of the sex-god sleuth has cooled.Why? Well, I don't think I'm quite ready to share him with the world.

We, the original Cumberbitches(the name given to Benedict's loyal fans) fancied him before he unveiled his toned torso and his secret six pack.
We're not the sort of fickle girls who fancy a man based on his cute smile and bad-ass body alone. No, we're far less shallow: size matters to us - the size of a man's brain, that is.

So, to all you fresh so-called-fans - yes, YOU, girls in the Now office, you know who you are - scuttle right back to fancying One Direction and David Gandy. Because we have a message to you all: Back off, Benedict Cumerbatch is ours!


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