Friday 17 February 2012

Johny Capps on Colin Morgan. I've always said Colin is extremely expressive, you can almost always tell what his characters are thinking without him uttering a word.

“Colin has always been a fantastic actor, and when we auditioned him we saw that he had a huge range – which we knew would be essential for the role. What’s amazing about Colin as an actor is that you’re constantly refining his lines because he has such a powerful presence on screen. He can do so much with just a look now. Because of that, with the way we write the dialogue and conceive stories, we can be far more filmic in Merlin’s journey – because Colin doesn’t have to constantly communicate what he’s feeling and thinking through dialogue. He communicates those things so well with just his face that we’re able to push the emotional content of stories a lot more.”
-Johnny Capps, Executive Producer

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