Friday 10 February 2012

Benedict Surprised By Down To Earth Royals

‘War Horse’ actor Benedict Cumberbatch has admitted he was surprised by how normal and friendly Prince William and Duchess Catherine are.
Benedict Cumberbatch was shocked by how down to earth Prince William was when the pair met recently.
The ‘Sherlock Holmes’ star attended a champagne reception at Buckingham Palace, hosted by the duke and his wife Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, after the ‘War Horse’ premiere on Sunday (08.01.12) and confessed their normalcy surprised him.
Speaking to Taylor Hackford at the Spencer Hart & Samsung Galaxy Note party at the Writer’s Room Hollywood Boulevard on Wednesday (11.01.12), Benedict said: “Going to the palace last week was an amazing experience and I was really blown away at how nice and normal Catherine and William are. I particularly liked William and we had a good chat about ‘Sherlock Holmes’.
“I’ve been invited to a lot of parties this week but think I’m going to be a good boy and get in some early nights. I have an early morning meeting tomorrow with a producer so am behaving myself.”
William and Catherine attended the premiere of Steven Spielberg’s ‘War Horse’ in London in aid of the Foundation of Prince William and Prince Harry, which was created in 2009 to carry forward their charity ambitions.

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