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BEST MOVIE ITALY – MARCH 2013 - Translation by

BEST MOVIE ITALY – MARCH 2013 - Translation by

I’ve never been a Trekker but J.J. moved me.

This is the reason why BC accepted to enter Abrams’ Enterprise in STID, the new episode of the sci-fi saga. The English actor gives us a preview of the movie. Without forgetting his role in Sherlock, he admits he loves playing villains. In the next few months he’ll play Julian Assange and a slave driver in the new McQueen movie… and who do you think is hidden behind Smaug in The Hobbit?

BC, mark this name as the guy is really talented. He has a refined acting career and is known for his roles in the TV series: Sherlock and inTTSS. The main mystery of STID (12th movie of the series, out in June in Italy) and directed by J.J. Abrams revolves around the villain he is playing and he seems to enjoy this kind of roles very much. He will be Julian Assange in the biopic: The Fifth Estate and he is playing Smaug in The Hobbit, as well as a slave driver in Steve McQueen’s Twelve Years a Slave. This confirms a curious Hollywood trend to cast British actors as villains.
We know his character in ST is called John Harrison and that he is the terrorist the crew will have to defeat, after being obliged to become his allies. He could dominate the world and he acts for a precise reason, according to a cruel logic because “he’s better, at everything” as BC says. We met him during a brief break from the filming.
BC is thrilled by his role, as he explains in his fantastic accent and at very high speed: “He is an extraordinary character. I would define him as an idealist, a part from being a terrorist. His intentions start from a concept of loyalty, although his actions are violent and despicable. He is looking for his vengeance and he is quite dangerous.” He explains. “He uses his body, his weapons and his incredible intelligence to control, manipulate and literally destroy people and the surrounding environment. It is exciting to see him in action. He’s been real fun to portray.”
It is difficult to associate the term terrorist to something funny.
“This character is not only a villain. The results of his violent actions are negative but there is a reason for them, a principle that inspires him and it is the reason why I was so fascinated by this character and that makes him a three-dimensional individual: his personality is layered. The target is to make the audience feel compassion and not only hate towards him.”
When you started as an actor did you think you would end up in a movie like this?
“Absolutely not. Sci-fi wasn’t my favourite kind of cinema as a kid. I remember 2001 and Blade Runner but I wasn’t a fan and I didn’t have that sense of belonging that links trekkers together. To be honest I couldn’t stand seeing the same movie over and over again, so I didn’t follow a particular franchise.”
Have you felt uncomfortable in a sci-fi world?
As far as inspiration is concerned, even in sci-fi, it comes from great movies and that’s all. A beautiful movie will always be a beautiful movie. As an actor who approached this genre for the first time, I decided not to watch the previous movies, as I preferred to give priority to JJ’s needs and follow his instructions as he decided to give me this role. However, I also wanted to be loyal to my standards and that was the most important thing.
Do you feel the pressure to please the fans of this franchise all over the world?
Of course. But you shouldn’t focus on this too much otherwise it becomes too stressful. I’ve learnt you cannot please everyone. You only hope you’ll be able to entertain viewers and you have to trust the people you work for. When I watched ST1, after five minutes I was already in tears (Kirk’s parents die) and this was not the reaction I thought I would have in front of a sci-fi movie by JJ.
You look so different, as far as your body is concerned. How did you prepare for the role?
I trainer a lot, eating 4000 calories a day but the training was real fun, too and fundamental to play action scenes. I had already done acrobatic scenes before but this is a completely new level for me. I was surprised by my performance and this is all thanks to JJ.
How was it to act in an imaginary world with the green screen?
It is very creative and less limited compared to a realistic environment, because you have to use your imagination and you feel free in space. You see the universe they have been able to create, you see yourself in it and it’s a strange experience. There is always a line between yourself as a person and as an actor, you become part of a scenery that is beyond your imagination. I was impressed by the 3D result.
In a short period of time you’ve found yourself involved in (list of his recent roles)… do  you feel overwhelmed by this kind of attention?
Yes and no. ST is a turning point in my career but I haven’t done it only to reach Hollywood. I am trying to create a long career for myself. I don’t think the attention is annoying as it is part of my job, but you need some time to get used to it. It is a privilege for me to be part of such important movies: I’ll soon work with M. Streep and J. Roberts, two legends. I can’t reveal too much about the role as Assange, as there have already been too many speculations.
Are you getting used to being famous?
Not yet. I was overwhelmed by Japanese fans recently (during a promotional trip there) and I see the attention is getting wider. At the moment it is a positive energy and I think I am pretty much loved by the Internet too, though I still have some detractors. Let’s see what happens with this villain, as these are the roles I prefer.”

Article by Andrea Carugati
Translation by

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