Sunday 8 January 2012

Collider write up of TCA Press Tour Interview with Benedict

Question: What’s it like to have been cast for the Star Trek sequel? What will you play, and how do you feel about J.J. Abrams choosing you?
BENEDICT CUMBERBATCH: There’s a lawyer standing here saying that I can’t say anything. I’m hugely, hugely excited and I’m very, very flattered. I’m very, very excited, but obviously I’m not here to talk about that. I will, in the future, I’m sure. I’m just getting my head around the fact that it’s happened. If you’ll forgive me, I’ll pass on that. But, my headline is that I’m over the moon.
What do you make of this stardom that you’re experiencing?
CUMBERBATCH: You get quite giddy. It’s very flattering. It’s very important to remember that whatever scale you’re working at, or your work is being received, or approved of, it is a job. You have to do your job well, so you can’t get carried away by too much of it. I know that’s quite a sober English response. Don’t get me wrong, I punch the edge off an awful lot, at one in the morning, whenever I find out that I’ve been given a pass on it. So, you get very excited when you have anything of good news. You just treat each job as they come.
I have been working for nearly 10 years. I got started quite late in my 20′s, compared to an awful lot of people who are further ahead of me, younger. Not that it’s a natural progression. I feel very, very fortunate and very blessed. It has sort of happened gradually. But, the last bit of it – the trip into being far more on the radar – has been very sudden and there are interesting things that go with that, aren’t there? Existing in a public space with any kind of private dimension is a fun game to play. That involves hats and glasses, and just trying to keep a low profile, by whatever means, with an Inspector Clouseau disguise or not. I’m having a great time, and it’s just offering me the opportunity to do fantastic work and be in the company of great people and do incredible scripts. I’m really happy.
Will you return for Season 3 of Sherlock?
CUMBERBATCH: You might see that it’s quite hard for me to make it back, after the end of the last episode. There’s another lawyer telling me not to say anything. I’m only going to tease you with [the fact that] I’d like to.
I’m very, very excited, but obviously I’m not here to talk about that. I will, in the future, I’m sure. 

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