Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Show some respect for the very actors you claim to "love".

So, apparently the "thrillerbatch" video is making the rounds yet again. As I've stated previously, I will not post anything that obviously has to do with Benedict's or Colin's private lives. I admire them both greatly and feel they deserve what little privacy they are able to get now. They both give so much of their time to their jobs and to their fans, always stopping to sign autographs or pose for pictures even when they're busy. I would hope any fans would at least think twice before posting the equivalent of peeking in their bedroom windows.

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  1. I have to agree with the above. The fact that his ex-girlfriend had a personal video from a PRIVATE engagement, that some "person" decided should be shown to us, is a total disrespect to someone that has given back a character that has not been done as superbly as Mr. Britt is a slap in Benny's face. An actor that goes out on purpose to a public place and cries that their privacy has been encroached on is an idiot. Someone that is at a PRIVATE place and some...ass hacks into another persons account to get is tantamount to THEFT. This world is already one ass cheek close to the abyss, could you "people" try to show some respect at some time. Also, the "person" that did the hack...GET A LIFE!!!